Gold Medal Famous bring Free Body Culture to Auckland this Easter …and a show with King Loser just announced!

GMFUFOHiResGold Medal Famous are bringing their utterly unique performance style, plus their new EP ‘Free Body Culture’, to Auckland as a special Easter treat.

Their whirlwind upper-North Island tour includes a headlining performance with the legendary King Loser on Friday April 18 at UFO, a slot as part of the Borderline Festival at Whammy Bar on Saturday April 19th, and an appearance at Tauranga’s Jizzfest on Sunday April 20th.

Gold Medal Famous are also planning a special surprise performance in Auckland city on Easter Saturday.

Gold Medal Famous ‘Free Body Culture’ Easter tour
Friday April 18th – with KING LOSER at UFO, 9 Veronica St, New Lynn, Auckland
Saturday April 19th – daytime performance – watch this space for details
Saturday April 19th – Borderline Festival, Whammy Bar, Auckland
Sunday April 20th – Jizzfest, Tauranga

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About the ‘Free Body Culture’ EP
“The “Free Body Culture” EP is the latest release on Powertool Records by Wellington based avant-garde pop band Gold Medal Famous. “Free Body Culture” is a world first “eclectotronica” release.  Rocking the trash party. The EP is an efficient seven-song release clocking in at 27 minutes 35 seconds, perfect for the busy citizen of today. This EP is suitable for a mature audience who want to party.

Gold Medal Famous are 21st century subversives. In New Zealand much mindless violence is premised with the statement “Are you getting smart?” Well, yes we are and we will not be smashed. Gold Medal Famous is part of a movement that aims to bury the rampant anti-intellectualism associated with right wing politics and the violent sports culture that smothers New Zealand. And so to the songs…

Meat Lovers’ Pizza is a groovy protest pop song, with lyrics appropriated from actual quotes from Prime Minister John Key. Free Body Culture is about “Freikörperkultur (FKK), which is a German movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture; endorsing a naturistic approach to sports and community living. Out for the night is a song about the excitement of going out. The style is inspired by synth pop innovators of the 1980s like The Human League. All the lyrics are from the – slightly over-optimistic – mind of the narrator. Eurozone – a mathematically engineered instrumental that builds you up and takes you along the autobahn, strikes some trouble and reaches a new consensus. Royal Jelly -  a glitchy, twisted yet poppy head trip into the interior of the psyche later in the evening out. What demons play there? How well is your night actually going? Can you crawl out of the gutter and catch the bus? Was that a smile or a sneer? I’ve got my windows wide open – a true tale of neighbour voyeurism from the perspective of the voyeur. Our friend Jess (who got perved on) contributed Japanese flute and backing vocals. And lastly, You’re so outrageous is a dark dance number about the contempt the current National-led administration has for our constitutional processes. The Nats use urgency a lot in parliament to avoid public scrutiny of legislation and think we can pacified by The Hobbit, rugby and a celebrity Prime Minister. Gold Medal Famous say stand up, fight back and vote this year.

The ‘Free Body Culture’ EP on Bandcamp


Powertool…coming to you live from Rotorua, Tauranga and Auckland

We have some exceptional multi-band live goodness for you over the next two weekends, all over the North Island.

PMFTF RotoruaPop Music For The Future

Friday February 14th
@ Side Pocket Bar, Rotorua
featuring ……
Gold Medal Famous
Ghosts Of Electricity
Juan Los Bastardos
Woodcock 2Woodcock 2 Festival
Saturday February 15th
@ 19 Williams Road North, Pyes Pa, TAURANGA
featuring Powertool Records Artists
Gold Medal Famous
Ghosts Of Electricity
Psychic Maps
Buster Wilson Experience

plus a whole swag of others including Trust Punks (AKL), Day Ravies (AUS), Hash Collector (TGA), The Prophet Motive (ROTO), Eskimo Pussy (Ice Land), Spork (TGA), Bad Edison (WGTN), The Cavemen (AKL), Anne Hero (WGTN), Threat.Meet.Protocol. (KATI), Mono Sonic (WGTN), Super Narco Man (TGA), Motawrek (TGA), Stone the Crows (AKL), Kittentank (WGTN), Gallus Storky (TGA), Shoutin Preachin (AKL), Wheatbags Anonymous (Sanatarium), Black Science (AKL),
Bloodbags (AKL), The 5th Form Poet (Wanganui), Lightning Tape Wolf (WGTN), X-Ray Fiends (AKL), Forgotten Generation (AKL), Cast a Cyclone (TGA), Elten Smeeth (TGA), Psychic Maps (DUN), DHDFDs (AKL), MK Ultra (TGA), Solomon Kings (TGA), Doll House (AKL), The Love Missile and the Hollow Target (TGA),
Ghosts of Electricity (AKL), Delaney Davidson (Chch)
Facebook event page

Goon release show posterGoon ‘Flying Numb’ album release party
with special guests Superturtle
Saturday February 15th (the day after Valentine’s Day) from 9pm
The Thirsty Dog, 469 Karangahape Rd




Psychic Maps
Psychic Maps
release their new EP ’1st (Second) Lo-Fi Record’

with special guests
Hypnic Jerk, The New Existentialists and the Doubtful Sounds

9 Veronica St, New Lynn, Auckland



Seeds of orbit poster smlSeeds of Orbit EP release party

8pm Saturday February 22

Thirsty Dog – 469 Karangahape Rd, Auckland

with very special guests Psychic Maps and Gem Indigo
Facebook event page

Powertool proudly releases Goon; and a Straitjacket Fit finds a new Orbit

Seeds of orbit poster smlSeeds of Orbit

Seeds of Orbit have listened to the people’s pleas for a mighty homegrown psychedelic band – and boy, have they answered them. Listening to their self-titled EP, you can imagine yourself transported to a lounge draped in purple brocade, incense wafting through the air, the sounds of psychotropic riffage meeting mod pop melodies…feel free to rock out, or simply absorb the music.

Something of a supergroup, this three-piece has a deep love for heavy mod, stoner rock and acid folk. Made up of Mark Petersound (aka Mark PetersenStraitjacket Fits, Cabbage Bomber, Shaft), Bridgette Bowie (The Doris Days, Cabbage Bomber and legendary all-girl punk band Fake Purr), and Marty Doo (NZ: The Beads; Australia: Glide, Challenger 7, Scruffs, Grapefruit), their mind-alteringly psychedelic debut EP ‘Seeds of Orbit’ has just been released on Powertool Records.

Seeds of Orbit’s release party will be quite the happening, taking flight at Auckland’s Thirsty Dog on Saturday February 22. The support acts are also pretty stunning in their own right – Simon McLaren (Love’s Ugly Children, the Subliminals, Sleepers Union) brings his exciting new band Psychic Maps from Christchurch, and guitar virtuoso Gem Indigo completes the entourage.

Listen to Seeds of Orbit on Bandcamp

Seeds of Orbit EP release extravaganza

8pm Saturday February 22
Thirsty Dog – 469 Karangahape Rd, Auckland
with very special guests Psychic Maps and Gem Indigo



goon album cover 400Finally back with their second album. The three-piece rock sound is distinctive and punchy and its limitations tend to encourage simplicity of sound.  As it would happen, Goon only have three players:  Rochelle on bass, Andrew on drums, and Christian on guitars and vocals. Live, they are raw, punchy, fun and riff-laden, with a catchy, driving guitar sound which really gets you going. The recordings, however, are a different story – the layers of instruments (including Hammond and flute) unfold into a fuller, richer, more complicated sound.  They’re a band who deliver both on stage and in the studio.

Goon emerged in 2003, won the York Street Acid Test which gave them their first success, and released an  ep called three piece  of love. Their next release came  in 2007 with boy  girl boy  receiving excellent  reviews. Now, finally, the new album is about to be released. It’s filled with Goon’s eclectic style of fun catchy rock-poppers and moody atmospheric songs. They have accumulated a pile of attributes that can only be expected of a band that has stood the test of time. Previously they  have made 8 music videos, had live tv and radio performances, and two bfm number ones,  plus great reviews and fantastic gigs throughout the country. The latest album ‘flying numb’ is showing great promise with three singles (‘it’s alright’, ‘my friend’ and ‘just be friends’) already finding their way to the bfm top ten and picked up on the student network nationwide.  ‘It’s alright’ also  featured on the kiwi fm top 20. New single ‘just be  friends’ currently sits at number 3 on the bfm top ten and on the kiwi hit disc.


Christian is an  artist. He is a painter, sculptor writer and film maker and musician. He exhibits each year  and has his work in many collections and major nationwide shows.  He loves  music with a passion. He loves  Goon. He says, “We are a family. We don’t always see each other but when  we do we love each other.”

Rochelle is the GM at Shock NZ, overseeing the sales,  marketing and promotion of the Shock Records  and Shock Entertainment catalogues. She  has been working in the music industry  for almost 12 years and has played in a variety of bands from Glam Rock covers  to an  all-female rock/pop band, but found a home  in Goon .

Andrew works as a Speedboat mechanic and loves  all things high speed including cars, motorbikes and more. He learned to play the drums on a farm in Te Kuiti during high school  and has played in lots of bands including Exiter and Disco De Soto. Andrew and Rochelle recently married.

New music from Cambridge Town and Melbourne

We are very pleased to share two new musical offerings with you. Melbourne band Enclosures have been starting make an impression across the Tasman and further afield with their debut album ‘Scotch Mist’; and River’s Edge present us with a new album linking Bob Dylan and two towns named Cambridge.

New music from Melbourne: Enclosures ‘Scotch Mist’
Powertool Records December 2013

EnclosuresUpon first listening to Enclosures’ new album ‘Scotch Mist’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d unearthed a long-lost Flying Nun album. Echoes of the 3Ds, Chug and Look Blue Go Purple reverberate in what has been described by one listener as “a glorious noise”. And then you may be surprised to learn that only one of the band hails from New Zealand – Enclosures are Melbourne-based, and the other 3 of the quartet have their origins in Australia.

Mia Schoen (Western Australia), Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie (Auckland, NZ), Natalie Kumpus (Tasmania) and Kerrilee Dixon (Queensland) all have pedigrees in previous bands, and came together to form Enclosures through a mutual enjoyment of great pop tunes and the liberation of making a huge noise.

Australian label Special Award released their debut cassette in 2010, and after honing their sound with a bunch of gigs and a self-titled EP released in 2012, Enclosures are very proud to present their debut album, ‘Scotch Mist’.  This album was largely created using rehearsal improvisations – a room mic provided the backbone, with the results pieced together and overdubbed to form what would decidedly become songs.   True to their ethos, the album demonstrates pop smarts but doesn’t hold back on letting their instruments buzz and wail.

Here they are featured on music blog Mess and Noise:

Scotch Mist will be released on Powertool Records in December 2013. The excellent cover art is by Kerrilee Dixon.

Enclosures on Bandcamp:

For promotional copies and interview requests please contact: Renee Jones:

Cambridge connection spans continents

RIVER’S EDGE – ‘Cambridge Town’

CambridgetownChris Baigent is the lead singer and songwriter for River’s Edge. Chris has been writing songs with a distinct New Zealand flavour for the past 10 years – songs influenced by homegrown musicians such as David Kilgour, Chris Knox and The Clean; while other influences include songwriters Neil Young, Paul Kelly and Bob Dylan.

2005 saw the release of the River’s Edge self-funded debut album, “Head First” – a collection of songs written by Baigent; the first single from the album, Come On Let’s Go Baby reached No. 5 on the 95bFM Top Ten.

Powertool Records is now pleased to announce the release of the new River’s Edge album “Cambridge Town”. Inspiration for the album began when in 2003-04 Chris travelled the world, settling in London and then Cambridge for six months, where he began writing whilst studying Bob Dylan’s entire record collection. The new songs wove together poetry and stories about his surrounding environment, inspired by the old architecture and people of this busy university town. These songs emerge from a fresh-faced “Kiwi” experiencing life abroad for the first time; and Chris says, “I guess you could call this album my ‘thesis on Dylan’”.

Baigent hopes the album will also encourage New Zealanders to appreciate their own surroundings and culture through music – it could be considered a concept album written whilst overseas. It is an album written about the modern world, but in the style of a past generation. And, most appropriately, Baigent has been living in New Zealand’s own Cambridge for the past two-and-a-half years.

A music video for ‘Love Speak’ has also just been released: (

For promotional copies and interview requests please contact: Renee Jones:


The Return of the Kaleidoscope World Series: 18 bands, 2 nights

The Kaleidoscope World Series marks its 10th anniversary with a huge lineup over 2 nights in a brand new venue.

KWS27_250The first Kaleidoscope World Series was held in 2003, at the magnificent Ambassador Theatre in Pt Chevalier. The event was so successful that it continued on to become a mainstay of the New Zealand music scene, staging 24 shows throughout the country, with around 250 different acts having performed – many of the names will be familiar to local music fans: Voom, Hammond Gamble, Edward Gains, Mr Slackjaw, Minisnap, The Bats, Operation Rolling Thunder, The Bads, Salon Kingsadore, Otis Mace, Brother Love, David Eggleton, Sandra Bell – and that’s just a fraction of the Kaleidoscope World series alumni.

It all started when Powertool Records’ label founder KWS28_250Andrew Maitai wanted to put on a night where you could experience and sample up to ten bands in one night doing short showcase sets; finding new audiences for bands, and broadening music lovers’ experiences of what’s happening in the live music scene. The last Kaleidoscope World Series was held in 2009…and it’s time for a comeback!

There are a few surprises amongst the lineup, with some legends and ‘supergroups’ thrown in for good measure. Artists performing at the shows and on the CD are: George Henderson and Matthew Bannister (New Existentialists -  Matthew Bannister appears on the CD only), Jed Town (Peacemaker), Julian Hansen (Twinkie), Tony Baldockex-Surburban Reptiles (Anti Social Network)…along with Powertool faves Come Down Kid, Used To Be Apes, Ghosts Of Electricity, Malcontent, River’s Edge and Jennie La Bombe. Add to that some UFO regulars – Jackal, Goon, Tweed, Little Lapin, Freaky Meat, Bluebird Avenue, Carved From Flames and Antony Weller – and there is something there for everyone. A veritable Kaleidoscope of styles.

Kaleidoscope World Series 27
Friday 29th November
UFO – 9 Veronica Street, New Lynn (Auckland)
- featuring Jennie La Bombe, Freaky Meat, New Existentialists, Goon, Anti Social Network, Tweed, Come Down Kid, Little Lapin and Peacemaker.

Kaleidoscope World Series 28

UFO – 9 Veronica Street, New Lynn (Auckland)
- featuring River’s Edge, Jackal, Used To Be Apes, Twinkie, Bluebird Avenue, Ghosts Of Electricity, Antony Weller, Malcontent and

Entry on each night is $15 and that includes a FREE brand new Kaleidoscope compilation CD with tracks from all of the artists playing, plus a bonus Kaleidoscope from the past.

Kaleidoscope World Series

One Man Bannister’s ‘Evolver’ North Island tour

OMB posterFollowing a very special debut live show at Auckland’s Thirsty Dog in September, One Man Bannister – aka Matthew Bannister – and his merry band take the live ‘Evolver’ experience a little further afield – to Wellington, Paekakariki, Hamilton and a reprise visit to Auckland.

The album has already picked up rave reviews from every quarter – Russell Brown, Graham Reid, Tom Cardy, Jeremy Taylor, Nick Bollinger, the Porky Prime Cuts and Active Listener blogs. The album has been featured on Nightline, Radio New Zealand National, Kiwi FM and bFM amongst others.

On ‘Evolver’ Matthew Bannister (Sneaky Feelings, the Dribbling Darts of Love, the Weather) has reinterpreted what is widely considered the Beatles’ greatest album, ‘Revolver’. Here he channels the songs either in terms of other Beatles songs, their influences, or other artists whom they have influenced. Hence “Tomorrow Never Knows” has an early 90s Madchester indie dance feel, “Yellow Submarine” is cod reggae, “She Said She Said” becomes a folk-rock waltz, “For No One” an upbeat country number and so on.

And although re-interpretations of “classic” albums are fairly common now, this is the first time one artist has covered a whole Beatles album in a way that both remains true to the spirit of the original while also adding a new twist (and shout).

The One Man Bannister live band is Matthew Bannister (vocals, guitar), Nick Johnston (keys), Paul Methven (guitar, vox), Brad Blackie (bass), Eman Comer (drums), Martin Griffiths (cello).

Support will be from the Changing Same (Matthew’s originals band) plus a few songs by Paul Methven (aka The Honeywine Stones).

New Music from the Paisley, Dunedin and Wellington Undergrounds

We have new releases by artists from a selection of underground music scenes this week: Dan West – a former player in the Paisley Underground scene of LA;  respected Dunedinite A. J. Sharma; and Wellington’s Mark Airlie.

And in a nice piece of timing, A. J. Sharma is playing live this week as part of Dierdre Newall’s ‘Tiny Pieces of Eight’ tour, alongside Chris Heazlewood and Grant Ramsey (aka Swampy).

Dierdre Newall, Chris Heazlewood, Swampy and A. J. Sharma
‘Tiny Pieces of Eight’ tour

Chicks Hotel Port Chalmers, Sunday afternoon matinee 20 October

The Dark Room, Christchurch Saturday 26 October

Puppies, Wellington Sunday 27October


Dan West ‘Hot Corners’

Inline image 1

Californian musician Dan West describes his new album ‘Hot Corners’ as a “collection of greatest hits you’ve never heard”, spanning an 11 year period. And as a friendly and humble chap, he’s not being arrogant – it’s a lovely collection of songs from a man who’s been in many bands over many years.

West has unusual roots – his father was a TV writer, and he was born and raised in Studio City in Los Angeles, California; a small community built around what was once Republic Studios and later Mary Tyler Moore Studios (and currently owned by CBS).

During his teens, Dan started playing in psychedelic bands around Hollywood and Silver Lake, with names like The Mod Squad, Strawberry Blue, Walls and Bridges, and finally Threw The Lookinglass, which became one of the better known bands of the Paisley Underground movement of the 1980s.

…An aside on The Paisley Underground…

The Paisley Underground was based around a musical scene in LA in the 1980s; it took influences from folk rock, and 1960s West Coast pop and garage rock in general. The biggest band by far to grow from the Paisley Underground was the Bangles; Mazzy Star also had ties to the genre. Prince was hugely influenced by the sound – his label Paisley Park Records was named after the movement, and he wrote ‘Manic Monday’ for the Bangles. Later bands influenced by the Paisley Underground include Mercury Rev and Grandaddy; and New Zealand’s own Chills have been compared to Paisley Underground bands. (More info:

After the demise of Threw The Lookinglass and the scene overall, West fronted Aguafantastica, and is currently in Sidewalk Society, releasing mainly on vinyl and much-loved in Europe. He’s also in new band LoveyDove with his partner (and frequent visitor to New Zealand) Azalia Snail. To earn a crust he arranges music for, and plays in, jazz bands, and teaches at a music school. To say his life is immersed in music would be an understatement.

Hot Corners is a selection of Dan’s own demos, which he’s kept separate from his bands’ tunes. His songs echo the moods of LA, reflecting sunshine and angst in equal parts, mixed with strong traces of psychedelia; the lyrics are wry and observant. As his fiancé Azalia (a respected songwriter in her own right) said when he played these songs to her early in their courtship – and she’s right – “Wow! People need to hear these.” And now you can.

Listen to ‘Hot Corners’ on Bandcamp.

Video: Dan West ‘Never Go Away’
A. J. Sharma – ‘You Are A Traveller’

New album and 7”

Inline image 2

A J Sharma is a familiar figure in the Dunedin underground music scene. Most recently Sharma has supported Tiny Ruins, and for a taste of his style, here is his performance for the Radio One Balcony Sessions.  You may also know him from the track Giants, on the recently released US/NZ collaboration ‘Drill/I Have No Idea’.

And as Sharma’s new album ‘You Are A Traveller’ journeys out now via Powertool Records, he’s also released a special limited edition lathe-cut 7” single through vinyl specialists Epic Sweep Records, featuring the tracks ‘Sunshine/HMV’. As Epic Sweep eloquently put it, “”Criminally under rated songwriter A.J Sharma has been releasing music since the early 1990s. Not a world away from Alastair Galbraith’s singular vision, on this single Sharma’s typically sparse acoustic accompaniment is somehow taken in new more layered directions.” Get the 7” here.

Sharma wrote all the songs, but notes that the words of track 1 are from Alistair Te Ariki Campbell’s poem “Hut near desolated pines”. The unconventional tracklisting is an aesthetic pleasure in its own right too!

Listen to ‘You Are A Traveller’ on Bandcamp

Mark Airlie ‘Fiona’ 3-Song Single
Tracks: (1) Fiona.    (2) The Girl With The Lonely Eyes.    (3) Beautiful Son.

Inline image 3
Mark Airlie has led Wellington bands Feet Like Fins, Attic Stair and Mark Airlie & Attic Stair. He’s been playing and recording under his own name for 10 years now and has produced a number of solo works including the totally instrumental ‘House With Unseen Guests’. From his 2005 EP ‘Peril Not A Pearl’ the songs Grappling Iron and Tarquin The Portmeister were featured on two compilations  from Florida label Sexy Killer Records (Vols:1 & 3) alongside selected East Coast US underground bands.

He says that the thread that holds these three songs together is life, love and human error – lost potential and falling short of one’s ideals. Yet at the same time there is a cathartic effect – Airlie hopes this little set of recordings may comfort people with loss or grief, or who have trouble ”fitting in” in life. As the German author Hermann Hesse said: ”I would not exchange any of my ”bad days” for ”good ones’’…as I truly learned from the bad days.”