Vorn currently touring the South Island

Surf Friends Screen shot 2013Surf Friends have a quick update for everyone…Brad’s Surf film-maker buddy Robbie Warden from the legendary Byron Bay in Australia has hooked up the Surf Friends’ track Edmund with this sweet surf clip of the pass at Byron…click here to view.   Edmund is from Surf Friends’ debut album ‘Confusion’, which was released on Powertool Records – check it out here. They were also selected to open for Bailterspace at their amazing Kings Arms show last week, and have a new album coming out shortly via Flying Nun.

Vorn touring the South Island from February 9           ????????????????????????

Vorn is touring the South Island from Saturday February 9 – it’s a rare opportunity to catch him live. Work has begun on his seventh studio album, and this tour presents an opportunity for fans to hear some new tunes, and for latecomers to become acquainted with possibly the finest back catalogue extant in New Zealand Music today.  Don’t miss it…


Saturday Feb 9th Deville Nelson with The Ukes Of Hazard 

Sunday Feb 10th Hot Mama’s Motueka with The Ukes Of Hazard 4pm Afternoon Show

Monday Feb 11th Everyman Records In Store noon

Tuesday Feb 12th Strawberry Tree Kaikoura

Wednesday Feb13th Restart Mall Christchurch 1pm Afternoon Show

Wednesday Feb 13th Dux Live with The Phonolites

Thursday Feb 14th Chicks Port Chalmers

Friday Feb 15th Coronation Hall Maori Hill Dunedin with Delgirl

Saturday Feb 16th Fork and Tap Arrowtown with Delgirl

Sunday Feb 17th Wunderbar Lyttelton with The Phonolites 7pm Show

Indie Club open

Indie Club is a weekly showcase held at New Lynn’s UFO that promotes independent music – both live and recorded – and has been operating in and around Auckland for the best part of a decade. During that timUFO Adverte we have had hundreds of bands, duos and solo artists perform. Previous lineups have included the Neo-Kalashnikovs, Yolanda, Used to be Apes, Gold Medal Famous, Lion Eyes, the Brood, This Flight Tonight, Edwina Thorne, Nick Raven, the Come Down Kid, Kara Gordon Band, Fats White and the John Goudge Band, just to name a handful. If you would like to book a place in our weekly lineups, please email Andrew Maitai: aamaitai@gmail.com

Vorn J'villeIn case you missed it, our resident pop genius Vorn distinguished himself by winning the Tranz Metro “Metro Factor” Award for his Christmas song ‘Let’s Bring Christmas to Johnsonville’, and the news is spreading quickly via YouTube. Check out the video here and his Dominion Post appearance here. An anthem for our times, I think you’ll agree!

Gold Medal Famous is also getting into the Christmas spirit; they’ve contributed two tracks to a Christmas EP, alongside Cliché Guevara and Heat Like Me. Have a listen on Bandcamp.

The latest release on Powertool Records is from Transcendental Learning Collective and it’s quickly picking up a few fans. Formed by DJN (DRONE/DRONEnsemble, Rome, Crane, AFL) around 2010, the band recorded this, their debut album “SHIFT”, during 2011 – 2012 with the fluid production skills of Mike Hodgson (Pitch Black, Tinnitus) and extra extra guitars courtesy of Sean O’Reilly (King Loser, Ola, Sferic Experiment). Expect minimal guitar grooves with maximum repetition courtesy of 3 guitars and a laptop; the band say it may be satisfying to listeners of Can, Pink Floyd, Suicide, Kraftwerk, The Fall, the Gordons, Spacemen 3, Fela Kuti, trance music, with a splash of dub. They played a cracking show alongside Cat and Sock at Auckland’s Audio Foundation a few weeks back. Check out the TLC video: ‘MUNT IN E7’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKMLCJrr5AY

The Indie Club, held every Thursday at UFO HQ in New Lynn Auckland, is back in full effect, hosting some great bands since it recently re-started: The Favoured Few, Used to be Apes, The Deloreans, Bluebird Avenue, Come Down Kid, Nightwing, Exit 420 and Between the Lines. Anyone wanting to play future Indie Clubs should email Renee: powertoolrecordsnz1@gmail.com
And for music fans, if you live in the West Auckland vicinity and want to see new bands close to home, we have you covered!


Bulletholes 4: Exploring the Unknown – The album
Groundbreaking compilation ‘Here Come the Bulletholes’ came out in 2003, and while it wasn’t the first release on Powertool Records, it was undoubtedly the launching pad for what has become one of NZ’s finest underground indie labels. Hailed as “a great slice of the Auckland music scene” (The Press), it captured an exciting time and some great songwriting, with tracks by local heroes Mary, Cabbage Bomber, the Demi Whores, Voom and Rainy Days to name but a few.

Powertool Records has now reached number 4 in the critically acclaimed series, and 11 years on, with ‘Bulletholes 4: Exploring the Unknown’, the horizons have expanded considerably. In addition to an abundance of local tracks, the album showcases some of the international artists who have joined the Powertool Records family. Attics and Cellars (Jason Zumpano from Zumpano, Destroyer, Sparrow…), Rough Church, The Black Watch and Azalia Snail hail from the ever-expanding USA Powertool roster. New Zealand goodness can be heard from legends such as Sandra Bell, Brother Love, Gold Medal Famous, Vorn, A. J. Sharma and One Man Bannister (ex-Sneaky Feelings’ Matthew Bannister) – plus a whole toolbox more from the length and breadth of the country. And the songwriting remains great.

The album’s title comes from Wellington’s Cat and Sock – their track of the same name aptly expresses the album’s range. Most of these songs are seeing their first release here – but the collection of great tracks on this album means that they surely won’t remain Unknown for long.
Have a listen to Exploring the Unknown.

Powertool Records

We have over 100 releases under our toolbelts from the likes of Bill Direen/The Bilders, Vorn, Brother Love, Bored Gordon, Infinite Flying Kick, One Man Bannister/The Changing Same (Matthew Bannister, ex-Sneaky Feelings), Robert Scott (The Bats), Sandra Bell, Surf Friends, Gold Medal Famous and many more. Powertool also distributes selected international releases, including records by Rough Church (Greg Franco), Azalia Snail, The Black Watch, Sparrow (Jason Zumpano) and Lord Bishop – many of whom have also toured here.

You can get most of these records – and lots of other non-Powertool music – from our record  store, Alien: 11 Veronica St, New Lynn, Auckland.

UFO is our venue, with a focus on showcasing great live music – new bands, legends, local and international acts. UFO is situated next door to Alien at 11 Veronica St, New Lynn, Auckland. We have no liquor license, so if you want to drink, it is strictly byo. Indie Club has also relocated to UFO. If you wanna know what’s coming up…. check out the gigs page. We are also hiring UFO as a practise space.We are now taking bookings. Contact: Andrew at aamaitai@gmail.com

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