The Return of the Kaleidoscope World Series: 18 bands, 2 nights

The Kaleidoscope World Series marks its 10th anniversary with a huge lineup over 2 nights in a brand new venue.

KWS27_250The first Kaleidoscope World Series was held in 2003, at the magnificent Ambassador Theatre in Pt Chevalier. The event was so successful that it continued on to become a mainstay of the New Zealand music scene, staging 24 shows throughout the country, with around 250 different acts having performed – many of the names will be familiar to local music fans: Voom, Hammond Gamble, Edward Gains, Mr Slackjaw, Minisnap, The Bats, Operation Rolling Thunder, The Bads, Salon Kingsadore, Otis Mace, Brother Love, David Eggleton, Sandra Bell – and that’s just a fraction of the Kaleidoscope World series alumni.

It all started when Powertool Records’ label founder KWS28_250Andrew Maitai wanted to put on a night where you could experience and sample up to ten bands in one night doing short showcase sets; finding new audiences for bands, and broadening music lovers’ experiences of what’s happening in the live music scene. The last Kaleidoscope World Series was held in 2009…and it’s time for a comeback!

There are a few surprises amongst the lineup, with some legends and ‘supergroups’ thrown in for good measure. Artists performing at the shows and on the CD are: George Henderson and Matthew Bannister (New Existentialists –  Matthew Bannister appears on the CD only), Jed Town (Peacemaker), Julian Hansen (Twinkie), Tony Baldockex-Surburban Reptiles (Anti Social Network)…along with Powertool faves Come Down Kid, Used To Be Apes, Ghosts Of Electricity, Malcontent, River’s Edge and Jennie La Bombe. Add to that some UFO regulars – Jackal, Goon, Tweed, Little Lapin, Freaky Meat, Bluebird Avenue, Carved From Flames and Antony Weller – and there is something there for everyone. A veritable Kaleidoscope of styles.

Kaleidoscope World Series 27
Friday 29th November
UFO – 9 Veronica Street, New Lynn (Auckland)
– featuring Jennie La Bombe, Freaky Meat, New Existentialists, Goon, Anti Social Network, Tweed, Come Down Kid, Little Lapin and Peacemaker.

Kaleidoscope World Series 28

UFO – 9 Veronica Street, New Lynn (Auckland)
– featuring River’s Edge, Jackal, Used To Be Apes, Twinkie, Bluebird Avenue, Ghosts Of Electricity, Antony Weller, Malcontent and

Entry on each night is $15 and that includes a FREE brand new Kaleidoscope compilation CD with tracks from all of the artists playing, plus a bonus Kaleidoscope from the past.

Kaleidoscope World Series