New music from Cambridge Town and Melbourne

We are very pleased to share two new musical offerings with you. Melbourne band Enclosures have been starting make an impression across the Tasman and further afield with their debut album ‘Scotch Mist’; and River’s Edge present us with a new album linking Bob Dylan and two towns named Cambridge.

New music from Melbourne: Enclosures ‘Scotch Mist’
Powertool Records December 2013

EnclosuresUpon first listening to Enclosures’ new album ‘Scotch Mist’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d unearthed a long-lost Flying Nun album. Echoes of the 3Ds, Chug and Look Blue Go Purple reverberate in what has been described by one listener as “a glorious noise”. And then you may be surprised to learn that only one of the band hails from New Zealand – Enclosures are Melbourne-based, and the other 3 of the quartet have their origins in Australia.

Mia Schoen (Western Australia), Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie (Auckland, NZ), Natalie Kumpus (Tasmania) and Kerrilee Dixon (Queensland) all have pedigrees in previous bands, and came together to form Enclosures through a mutual enjoyment of great pop tunes and the liberation of making a huge noise.

Australian label Special Award released their debut cassette in 2010, and after honing their sound with a bunch of gigs and a self-titled EP released in 2012, Enclosures are very proud to present their debut album, ‘Scotch Mist’.  This album was largely created using rehearsal improvisations – a room mic provided the backbone, with the results pieced together and overdubbed to form what would decidedly become songs.   True to their ethos, the album demonstrates pop smarts but doesn’t hold back on letting their instruments buzz and wail.

Here they are featured on music blog Mess and Noise:

Scotch Mist will be released on Powertool Records in December 2013. The excellent cover art is by Kerrilee Dixon.

Enclosures on Bandcamp:

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Cambridge connection spans continents

RIVER’S EDGE – ‘Cambridge Town’

CambridgetownChris Baigent is the lead singer and songwriter for River’s Edge. Chris has been writing songs with a distinct New Zealand flavour for the past 10 years – songs influenced by homegrown musicians such as David Kilgour, Chris Knox and The Clean; while other influences include songwriters Neil Young, Paul Kelly and Bob Dylan.

2005 saw the release of the River’s Edge self-funded debut album, “Head First” – a collection of songs written by Baigent; the first single from the album, Come On Let’s Go Baby reached No. 5 on the 95bFM Top Ten.

Powertool Records is now pleased to announce the release of the new River’s Edge album “Cambridge Town”. Inspiration for the album began when in 2003-04 Chris travelled the world, settling in London and then Cambridge for six months, where he began writing whilst studying Bob Dylan’s entire record collection. The new songs wove together poetry and stories about his surrounding environment, inspired by the old architecture and people of this busy university town. These songs emerge from a fresh-faced “Kiwi” experiencing life abroad for the first time; and Chris says, “I guess you could call this album my ‘thesis on Dylan’”.

Baigent hopes the album will also encourage New Zealanders to appreciate their own surroundings and culture through music – it could be considered a concept album written whilst overseas. It is an album written about the modern world, but in the style of a past generation. And, most appropriately, Baigent has been living in New Zealand’s own Cambridge for the past two-and-a-half years.

A music video for ‘Love Speak’ has also just been released: (

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