Powertool proudly releases Goon; and a Straitjacket Fit finds a new Orbit

Seeds of orbit poster smlSeeds of Orbit

Seeds of Orbit have listened to the people’s pleas for a mighty homegrown psychedelic band – and boy, have they answered them. Listening to their self-titled EP, you can imagine yourself transported to a lounge draped in purple brocade, incense wafting through the air, the sounds of psychotropic riffage meeting mod pop melodies…feel free to rock out, or simply absorb the music.

Something of a supergroup, this three-piece has a deep love for heavy mod, stoner rock and acid folk. Made up of Mark Petersound (aka Mark PetersenStraitjacket Fits, Cabbage Bomber, Shaft), Bridgette Bowie (The Doris Days, Cabbage Bomber and legendary all-girl punk band Fake Purr), and Marty Doo (NZ: The Beads; Australia: Glide, Challenger 7, Scruffs, Grapefruit), their mind-alteringly psychedelic debut EP ‘Seeds of Orbit’ has just been released on Powertool Records.

Seeds of Orbit’s release party will be quite the happening, taking flight at Auckland’s Thirsty Dog on Saturday February 22. The support acts are also pretty stunning in their own right – Simon McLaren (Love’s Ugly Children, the Subliminals, Sleepers Union) brings his exciting new band Psychic Maps from Christchurch, and guitar virtuoso Gem Indigo completes the entourage.

Listen to Seeds of Orbit on Bandcamp

Seeds of Orbit EP release extravaganza

8pm Saturday February 22
Thirsty Dog – 469 Karangahape Rd, Auckland
with very special guests Psychic Maps and Gem Indigo



goon album cover 400Finally back with their second album. The three-piece rock sound is distinctive and punchy and its limitations tend to encourage simplicity of sound.  As it would happen, Goon only have three players:  Rochelle on bass, Andrew on drums, and Christian on guitars and vocals. Live, they are raw, punchy, fun and riff-laden, with a catchy, driving guitar sound which really gets you going. The recordings, however, are a different story – the layers of instruments (including Hammond and flute) unfold into a fuller, richer, more complicated sound.  They’re a band who deliver both on stage and in the studio.

Goon emerged in 2003, won the York Street Acid Test which gave them their first success, and released an  ep called three piece  of love. Their next release came  in 2007 with boy  girl boy  receiving excellent  reviews. Now, finally, the new album is about to be released. It’s filled with Goon’s eclectic style of fun catchy rock-poppers and moody atmospheric songs. They have accumulated a pile of attributes that can only be expected of a band that has stood the test of time. Previously they  have made 8 music videos, had live tv and radio performances, and two bfm number ones,  plus great reviews and fantastic gigs throughout the country. The latest album ‘flying numb’ is showing great promise with three singles (‘it’s alright’, ‘my friend’ and ‘just be friends’) already finding their way to the bfm top ten and picked up on the student network nationwide.  ‘It’s alright’ also  featured on the kiwi fm top 20. New single ‘just be  friends’ currently sits at number 3 on the bfm top ten and on the kiwi hit disc.


Christian is an  artist. He is a painter, sculptor writer and film maker and musician. He exhibits each year  and has his work in many collections and major nationwide shows.  He loves  music with a passion. He loves  Goon. He says, “We are a family. We don’t always see each other but when  we do we love each other.”

Rochelle is the GM at Shock NZ, overseeing the sales,  marketing and promotion of the Shock Records  and Shock Entertainment catalogues. She  has been working in the music industry  for almost 12 years and has played in a variety of bands from Glam Rock covers  to an  all-female rock/pop band, but found a home  in Goon .

Andrew works as a Speedboat mechanic and loves  all things high speed including cars, motorbikes and more. He learned to play the drums on a farm in Te Kuiti during high school  and has played in lots of bands including Exiter and Disco De Soto. Andrew and Rochelle recently married.


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