King Missile IV to play New Zealand for the first time; and Brother Love with Darryl Baser play Auckland this week

King Missile IV to play New Zealand for the first time

KMIV PR pic 21kbWe at Powertool Records are pretty much completely over the moon to announce that King Missile IV is making their first ever visit to perform in New Zealand in February 2015.

The latest, perhaps greatest version of the unique and hugely influential King Missile is led by poet, songwriter, author, and intellectual property analyst – whatever that is – John S. Hall, who will be bringing his current band members Azalia Snail and Dan West (who are also known as the duo LoveyDove).

Tour dates:

Thursday 12th February – Kings Arms, Auckland

Thursday 19th February – Bodega, Wellington

More dates TBC

From the band’s formation in 1986 and right throughout the 1990s, King Missile released a string of singles – and albums – that were resoundingly embraced by New Zealand’s student radio network: songs of note include ‘Take Stuff From Work, ‘Sensitive Artist’, ‘Jesus Was Way Cool’, ‘Gary and Melissa’, ‘Cheesecake Truck’, ‘Martin Scorsese’ and the hugely popular ‘Detachable Penis’ – just to name a few.
Check out King Missile’s work on

King Missile disbanded in 1994, and in 1996 Hall released a solo album, ‘The Body Has a Head’, and in 1998 formed King Missile III. Hall has also had two books published: 1997’s Jesus Was Way Cool, a collection of 40 poems which became songs on King Missile/Hall albums; and 2007’s Daily Negations, a dark-humoured satire of self-help books. Hall went on to study law, co-founding a small entertainment law firm, and later taking on a law-related job at a major law firm.

John S. Hall continues to perform on a regular basis – solo, as a poet and musician – and more recently with the newly-formed King Missile IV, comprising Snail and West.

Dan West and Azalia Snail/LoveyDove

Dan West
Multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and composer Dan West made his name in a scene known as The Paisley Underground (best known for The Bangles; Mazzy Star also had ties to the genre, and Prince named his label Paisley Park Records after the movement).

He has also performed on stage and on record with artists ranging from Sky Saxon of The Seeds and Bryan MacLean of Love to jazz artists such as Rosemary Clooney, Maynard Fergusson and Paula Kelly.  He has fronted many of his own groups, including Aguafantastica (Smile Records, LA) and Sidewalk Society (Fruits De Mer Records, UK)and is currently one half of LoveyDove.  He scored the music for the upcoming documentary ‘Mr. Movie Poster’ about the life of artist Paul Crifo

Dan’s solo album ‘Hot Corners’ was released last summer on New Zealand-based label Powertool Records, and his new album ‘Does It Suit You’ is just about to be released.

Azalia Snail
Azalia Snail has recorded 11 critically-acclaimed albums, and is recognized as a pioneering force in the “lo-fi” movement of the 1990’s. Many influential labels have released her music, including Sub Pop and Dark Beloved Cloud, who launched their label with a split 7” by Azalia Snail and Sebadoh. In 1996, she was commissioned by MTV to score the music for the program “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing”, and she il has also composed music for several indie features and short films. She has toured consistently throughout the USA and Europe with such acts as Low, Sebadoh, The Black Heart Procession, Sportsguitar, and Illyah Kuryahkin. In 2000 Snail won the LA Weekly Music Award for Best New Genre.

She is currently in LoveyDove with Dan West.

This duo make “deliciously chewy” soulful pop with a penetrating groove. And here’s the story of LoveyDove in a nutshell – East Coast girl (Azalia) meets West Coast guy(Dan) , and together they create a shimmering, alluring dose of melodic pop n’ roll.

And as the perfect twist to this tale, Azalia and Dan were married in April this year.

“…boy-girl adventure team LoveyDove have created an unusually irresistible blend of artful expression, psychedelic atmospherics, deft craftsmanship and flat-out mushy romance… Theirs is a deliciously chewy sound, loaded with dynamics, color and articulate lyrics that are both acutely chosen and shrewdly applied…definitely not for dummies”. — By Jonny Whiteside

John Payne of LA Weekly/ says:
“supremely melodic and wonderfully harmonized/high-grade modernist pop.”

LoveyDove’s influences include: Trio,The Teddybears, Illyah Kuryahkin, Dustry Springfield, T Rex, The Kinks, Love, Doves, The Troggs, Petula Clark, the Monkees, The Beatles, Lou Reed, Debussy, Stravinsky, Love American Style, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick van Dyke.

LoveyDove on Bandcamp
LoveyDove ‘Luka Fisher’ b/w ’Beppe of Italy’
Watch LoveyDove ‘Luka Fisher’
Watch LoveyDove’s Space Station 76 tribute: ‘Less is Never More’

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Brother Love with Darryl Baser in Auckland – Darryl’s first Auckland show in over 20 years!

Bro Love D BaserPowertool Records is pretty chuffed to let you know that two unique South Island acts are making the lengthy trip to Auckland to play a show on November 20 – and for one of them, it’s been a very long time between drinks.

Brother Love’s Free Association are visiting for two shows, on Thursday November 20 at the Dog’s Bollix, and Friday November 21 at New Lynn’s UFO.

Their special guest on Thursday night at the Bollix is alt-country (emphasis on the “alt”) singer/songwriter Darryl Baser, playing Auckland for the first time since 1991. Baser started in music early indeed – he drummed off and on since age 4, and picked up the guitar at 11; later joining a Clash covers band and a synth-pop band in Weymouth, Dorset, UK. The songwriting bug kicked in, and Baser played wherever he could, from busking in Hamilton to support slots for bands such as The Axemen. In the interim, he’s also been a music journalist for Critic, the Otago Daily Times and Radio National NZ – so he’s well versed in life on either side of the microphone and pen.

Baser’s forthcoming album ‘ Raw Selfie‘ – out shortly on Zelle Records through Powertools – was recorded on his trusty LG Optima smart phone in his lounge, and includes road sounds at times – and in one song you can hear the phone buzz as messages come through. Baser figured, if one can take selfies on their phones, why can’t one also record an album?

Whilst we await the finished ‘Raw Selfie‘, he’s putting out the ‘Petite Selfie‘ EP in time for next week’s show. Many of the songs on ‘Petite Selfie‘ were recorded to minidisc in the same lounge, pre-prepped by Barry McConachie, with mastering by Danny Manetto (Drop Dead Redhead and many other bands).

Baser says, “I’m looking forward to playing my first shows in Auckland since supporting a band called SMAK at Cameron’s in 1990/91 it’s been a long time between visits…”

Brother Love was formed in Christchurch in 1993 as a live vehicle for the music of guitarist/songwriter Marty Henderson. Over their 2-decade career, Brother Love’s various indie star-studded line-ups have gained the notice of record labels in New York and Germany, with the band touring the US twice. The Brother Love band have played shows with bands such as Bardo Pond, Fuzzhead, Mark Arm’s Bloodloss, San Francisco’s Monoshock and Barbara Manning, the No-Neck Blues, Dead Moon, King Loser and Sebadoh. In 2000, they were featured on the soundtrack of feature film ‘Snakeskin’. In 2013, the group released the retrospective compilation “20 Years In A Rockin’ Boat” on Powertool Records, and they have since been working on new material for both vinyl and CD/online.

Listen to Brother Love here

Joining Brother Love’s Free Association at UFO on Friday November 21st is a very cool lineup, with George D. Henderson’s New Existentialists, as well as impressive young bands The Debris and Mucus Kids.