One of New Zealand’s best exports plays the international cybercircuit, and you can see her live – from home

Jordan Avatar“one of the most extraordinarily fascinating live shows I have ever seen on stage… one of the best – if not the best – folk performers out there today… she’s spellbinding”. (Cat on the Wall, UK)

You can experience Jordan Reyne live at her next cybergig – in Second Life, at Key West on Saturday March 14. 

Tired of missing your favourite acts when the play overseas? Our very own Jordan Reyne is leading the charge in a whole new world of performances, via concerts in the Internet-based world of Second Life. Reyne even has her own Second Life ïnworld” booking agent.

Jordan SL live shotAn internationally renowned performer, Jordan Reyne hails from New Zealand, and after a series of critically-acclaimed releases in New Zealand, left her homeland for Germany in 2005. She moved on to the UK in 2011 and currently lives in London, touring Europe annually.

Reyne’s fully-booked – and wildly eclectic – concert schedule over the next couple of months includes support slots for Laibach, Matt Howden, Goth heavyweights Rhombus, and festivals including Whitby Goth Weekend, Last Cry 30th Anniversary, Fadein Festival and Celtic Emotions. Aside from being in demand on the terrestrial touring front, Reyne has firmly established herself in the virtual realm of Second Life. She has held a residency at popular Second Life club Key West.

Described by New Zealand’s National Radio as the author of a new sound, Jordan is a 3 time Tui Award (New Zealand Grammy) nominee, and has lent her voice to projects from Cafe Del Mar through to Lord of the Rings. A prolific writer and performer, she has ten internationally acclaimed albums to her credit and has and toured the UK, Poland, Germany, Denmark, the US and New Zealand.

Jordan’s wide appeal and uncategorisable style has led to supports for bands as diverse as Karl Bartos (of Kraftwerk), Laibach, Feilds of the Nephilim, New Model Army, White Zombie and the Eden House. Her festival appearances include Glastonbury (UK), The New Zealand International Festival of the Arts (NZ), Wave Gothic Treffen (Germany), The Big Day Out (NZ / Aus), Frankfurt Music Messe (Germany), Soundedit (Poland), Whitby Gothic Weekend and many more.

Her new EP ‘Maiden’ – the third in her [MAIDEN​]​, Mother, Crone trilogy – will be released on April 2nd this year.


March 14 (NZ Time), Key West, Second Life, 9am NZ Time
Look for the show with these details:
Duration : 1 hour
Cover : Free
Maturity :MModerate
Category : Live Music
When : 03/01/15 01:00 PM (14/3/2015, 9am NZ time)
Location : Key West Island (116, 100, 30)
Set a reminder for the show.

March 21, Horns Erben, Leipzig, Germany (with Matt Howden)

March 25, Fabryka Klub, Krakow, Poland (support for Laibach)

March 26, Palladium, Warsaw, Poland (support for Laibach)

March 30, HRP Pamela, Torun, Poland 

April 17, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, UK (with Rhombus)

April 25, Spa Pavillion, Whitby, UK (Whitby Goth Weekend)

May 1, The Cluny, Newcastle, UK (with Rhombus)

July 3, The Prince Albert, Brighton, UK (Last Cry 30th Anniversary)

August 28, Leiria Castle, Leiria, Portugal (Fadein Festival)

October 30, Theater Meißen, Meißen, Germany (Celtic Emotions 2015)

October 31, UfA Fabrik, Berlin Germany (Celtic Emotions 2015)


More dates for the UK, Germany, Poland and Slovenia to be announced soon.

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The world of online performance is huge. Performers from all over the world broadcast their gigs live via webcam platforms and virtual realitites. This is a how to on attending a show in Second Life. From my 5 plus years of performing on verious platforms online, Second Life as it has by far the strongest music scene and community of all the platforms – as well as performers from all over the world.

1) Installing the Second Life Viewer

The first step into the virtual reality of SL is downloading the Second Life browser software. The software requires quite a high spec graphics card and computer, so if you aren’t sure if your computer is up to speed, check the system requirements here

To install the software, head to Second and click on the big orange “join now” button at the top right of the screen. Clicking on it will take you to a page where you are asked to chose an avatar. There are various groups of avatar kinds from vampires to boats to librarians. Don’t worry too much about which one you chose because you can change them later.

Once you have selected an avatar, you will be asked to choose a name. After chosing a name, you will be asked your real life name, email address date of birth and so on. This is an annoying feature now required by law to get “verified” for sims that require you to be over 18.

Once you have entered your details, click on “create account”. You will then be asked what kind of account you want. Select “free”. A dialog box will open asking you to save the second life software someplace on your computer. Save the software someplace where you know where it is, then, once it is downloaded, double click on it to install it.

2) Verifying your Account

After you enter your data and install the software, you will receive your email asking you to activate your account, click on the link in it (it should open Second Life for you, which looks like the image below).

At the bottom right, enter your avatar name and password and log into Second Life. Your avatar should “rez” (appear) on your screen in the virtual world of Second Life. This is the welcome island, and this is your first day as a Second Life resident.

3) Finding your way round

While you are on the welcome island, it helps to figure out how to do a few key things: walk, fly, chat, search and teleport – you will need these skills for just about everything you do inworld.

Walking: The arrow keys on your keyboard will make your avatar move forward or backwards. If you find her/ him /it leaping into space, use your mouse to click anywhere in the main viewing area, then use the arrow keys again.

Flying: on the bottom, someplace in the middle, is a button called “move”. If you click on it, you will see little icons. The one on the far right is the “fly” icon. Clicking on it will make your avatar spread its arms and hover. Use the arrows near the “fly” icon to go up or down.

Chat: there is always a chat window on the far left at the bottom, though how to access it varies slightly from viewer to viewer. In the new viewer (December 2011 release) you will need to click on the “chat” icon (bottom far left) to make the chat textbox appear. By clicking the triangle on the right of this box, you get a larger chat area which is easier to use. You will see what anyone else in the area says via this box, and you can chat in it yourself by typing and hitting return.

Search and teleport: “Search” is found on the column of icons on the far left hand side of the SL viewer. It is shaped like a magnifying glass. Click in the magnifying glass and a dialog box that looks something like a web browser will open on your screen. At the top there is an area that says “search”. Down the left hand side are some tabs, which are like “types” of listing – there is events, people, shopping, ect. Search is the cornerstone of life in SL, especially in the music scene. It is where you can search for places to explore, eg: haunted forest, or something and also, most importantly, where you search for gigs.

4) Searching for Gigs

You can hunt for gigs by venue or by person. For example, try typing the name of a musician in the search then hitting return (if you don’t have friends playing in SL already, you can use mine – just “jordan” will actualy do but my full name in Second Life is “Jordanreyne Deezul”). You should get a list of results which will be a mix of events, possible people matches and so on. To narrow that list down, hit the “events” tab to the left. Your display will then hone in on the results where anyone with that name is playing a concert (if you used my name, usually it will be me. Unlike real life, there are not so many musicians called Jordan in SL).

  • Attending gigs

You can attend events by clicking on the event listing. Clicking on it will display a more detailed listing with several buttons on the bottom including one that says “teleport”. Clicking on teleport will whisk your avatar off to that place. You will probably land a little way from the show and have to walk a bit to get there, so many people prefer to message freinds in Second Life that they know are at the show and ask for a direct teleport. Most musicians are busy messing around with other things so won’t be able to teleport you, but most also have bookers and managers you can ask. My manager in SL is Sparkie Cyberstar. Messaging Sparkie will get you a teleport. The other way is to sign up to the group for musicians you like. Before a gig, the performer sends a message to everyone in the group telling them they are about to play. They also open up a chat window to everyone in the group and offer teleports. My group is “the darkness of Jordanreyne Deezul” and you can find it in search and join.

Some more great Indie/ originals Musicians to get you started:

Pol Arida (UK). A passionate and political musician with an amazing guitar style and vocals.

Liz Aday (Australia). Another serious innovator who plays Guitar, sampler, loops, vocals.

The Follow (USA). Vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

Neal Hoffman (UK). Guitar and vocals.

Sky Galaxy (USA). Piano, samples and vocals.

Guitar Zane (USA). Guitar and vocals.

Dragonfly (Canada). Electric guitar, samples, vocals.

6) HEARING Your First SL Gig.

To actually hear anything, you will have to click on the “play” triangle in the top right of your browser window to hear the music (where it is does vary from version to version). If at first it doesn’t work, toggle (ie turn press it again to stop it, then a third time to start it again). Sometimes you have to toggle a few times before the music will kick in. If it still doesn’t, click on the cog just below the triangle. This brings up a series of faders and you can check that none of them are on zero.

Chances are, people will say hi in the chat when you arrive, so watch the chat (bottom left) for anyone addressing you. You can ask for help if you don’t hear anything. Once you can hear, sit back, feel welcomed and enjoy.



Trouble Running Second Life

The key issue in being able to run SL is usually your graphics card. If you aren’t sure how to find out what kind of graphics card you have – try this:

Go to the bottom right of your computer where it says “start”. Click on start, then “all programmes” and slide your mouse over to the left hand column to where it says “control panel”. Select that, then find “system”. Click on “system” and a dialog box will open. One of the tabs ner the top of that dialog box will say “hardware”. Click on that tab. You will then see an image near the top, with a button to the right just underneath it. It should have the words “device manager” on it. Click that, and a list will appear with all the hardware your computer has.

On this list will be “graphics cards” with a small plus sign next to it. Click on the plus sign and the details of your graphics card will appear. For more info on the graphics card you can right click on it’s name and select “options” which will give you further detail.

If your computer meets the minimum graphics specifications laid out in the system requirements list, then we can head straight on over to the Second Life website and download the software. If you still aren’t sure, then just try downloading it anyway – sometimes the best was to find out is by just giving it a try.

Trouble Hearing Audio

If you hear the music stutter, it may mean your own connection isn’t fast enough to keep up. You need a fast and constant connection speed in order to play or listen online. I recommend a hard wired connection always, as wifi is prone to bursts of high speed followed by periods of low speed which can interfere with your broadcast, or a broadcast you are listening to.