New Music To Add To Your Playlist!

LoveyDove - Showstopper

LoveyDove – Showstopper

Each month, we will present you with new music from Powertool Records that we think you should add to your playlist. Most songs will be from our latest releases, our distro partners and occasionally a track from our back catalogue. Listen on Bandcamp

LoveyDove – I See The Light

This classic track originally released by Todd Rungren has had the LoveyDove makeover. They are currently making big waves on their European tour. The first single from their brand new album ‘Showstopper’.

Brother Love – A Little Bit Of Everything

Brother Love

Brother Love

Brother Love show their versatility here with this wonderful country/rock number. Recently returned from wowing audiences in Melbourne, Australia. This song features

on their latest album “Delicacy’.

Gold Medal Famous – Strike The Match

First single lifted from their new album ‘Deep In The Heart Of Saturday Night’. Gold Medal Famous continue to mix up genres , at the same time sounding distinctly unique.

Rough Church – Grandeur

Rough Church

Rough Church

Beautiful single written by Kaitlin Wolfberg, the violinist in Rough Church. ‘Fiction / Reflection’ is their latest album and most accessible to date.

Mucus Kids – I Stand With A Fist

The debut single from the Mucus Kids. With an average age of 17, and a devastating live act. This anthem needs to be on everyone’s playlist.

Jordan Reyne – Birth Ritual

Jordan’s latest single from ‘Maiden’, the third in a trilogy of EP’s. Stunning, haunting and beautiful are all words used to describe Jordan Reyne’s work.

King Missile IV – Closet

King Missile IV

King Missile IV

The single that revived cult heroes King Missile. Opening track on the infamous “This Fuckin’ Guy’ EP that was released earlier this year.

Doubtful Sounds – Throwing Stones

Jangly pop in the same vein as the early Dunedin Sound of the Chills and Sneaky Feelings. This track comes from their latest album “A Stones Throw From Happiness”.

Darryl Baser – The Whiff Of A Great Deed Lingers

Darryl from Dunedin presents his latest single from his upcoming album “Raw Selfie”.

Dan West – Does It Suit You?

The title track from his latest album. Dan West’s quirky pop songs will have you singing along long after the song concludes. The art of a true songsmith.


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