Enter The Anti-Claus

Tired of the same old Christmas songs year after year. Need something fresh, exciting and dare I say it….. Good. Songs you can sing along to, songs that will make you laugh and cry, songs that are political or just plain creepy. Yes, this album has it all.

The Anti-Claus has compiled tracks from all over the world…. New Zealand, Germany, England and the USA.

Here is the tracklisting…

  1. Great Dynamo – Timeshed (Germany)
  2. Mary – Big Boy (New Zealand
  3. Factory Kids – Father Christmas Still
  4. Doubtful Sounds – All The Angels Sang (New Zealand)
  5. Gold Medal Famous – Red Pill Christmas (New Zealand)
  6. Fatal Elf – I Wanna Be Your Elf (England)
  7. Andrew Deadman – Silent Night (USA)
  8. Jordan Reyne – Song For Winter Soltice (England)
  9. Rough Church – PJ vs. The Mouse (USA)
  10. Joed Out – Reindeers (New Zealand)
  11. Anti-Claus – Little Baby Jesus (New Zealand)
  12. Mucus Kids – Satan’s Claws (New Zealand)
  13. Mark Airlie – A Day Like Today (New Zealand)
  14. River’s Edge – Christmas Is Hell (New Zealand)
  15. Brother Love with Boss Christ – No Christmas For John Key (New Zealand)
  16. One Man Bannister – Silent Night (New Zealand)

PT164 Xmas Album