Happy New Year!

Well here we are at the beginning of 2016. Our latest release is the new album from Cambridge troubadour River’s Edge. It’s called Lul-Her-By and as the title suggests, it is a laid back affair. Acoustic, soft melodies, tunes to get you ready for bed. After a long hard day, something to relax to, wind down and mellow out. You’re girlfriends gonna love it, another great reason to add it to your music collection.

lul-her-by cover

Also just out this month is the new album from the Earl Of Seacliff’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s called “Livin’ Ina Aucklan'” This is a collection of songs penned by Michael O’Leary and performed and recorded by local musicians in his home town of Paekakariki. All the songs are about different suburbs in Auckland, written from Michael’s experiences of living in Auckland in the 1980’s.