Finally Some Breathing Space

Since my last post back in January, things here at Powertool Central have been insanely hectic. Three brand new Powertool Releases, two Kaleidoscopes, an international tour and a bunch of release gigs have all taken place….. in Feb/Mar 2016.

February 2016 Releases

PT165PT166PT167kws31 copykws32cd

PT165: Rough Church – Shhhh (CD Album) This album was recorded on their last tour to NZ back in 2014. It was recorded at Chick’s Hotel in Port Chalmers and features guest appearances from David Kilgour and Robert Scott. Engineering was done by Tom Bell. Rough Church toured both here and Australia in Feb/March 2016.

PT166: Joed Out – Retrospective 2001-2004 (Double CD Album) Joed Out were around in the early 2000’s and played a ton of shows in their relatively brief but highly productive career. This retrospective captures the best of their recorded material on Disc One. Disc Two features unrecorded/unreleased songs that never saw the light of day until now, in this very raw state. This is a document of one of Auckland’s finest underground bands from last decade. Joed Out played a rare one off show at UFO to celebrate the release of this fine retrospective in early March 2016.

PT167: Feyodor – The Tide Will Wear You Down (CD Album) This album is the follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Aggressive Pedestrian’. Originally recorded in Finland at Pink Noise Studios with the legendary Mikael H. back in 2006. It sat unreleased for ten years because of the sensitive lyrical content. Ben Barrett (songwriter) wrote these songs about his first wife Sarah but could not bring himself to share such emotion with the world. His relationship had broken down and he had re-married. He has now also parted ways with his second wife and now feels that enough time has passed that he can finally make it available for all to hear. Feyodor also played a rare one off performance in early March at UFO to celebrate this release.

KW032 & KW033: Kaleidoscope World Series 31 and 32: (2x CD Albums) Kaleidoscopes are hard work. Booking ten acts, gathering songs, designing artwork and organizing a live show. They take up a lot of time planning and liaising with bands, venues, adverting  people, manufacturers and soundmen. In February we did two Kaleidoscopes, one here at UFO and the other across the ditch in Melbourne at an amazing venue called The Tote. Both shows were amazing …. here are the lineups … Kaleidoscope 31 – Two Of Hearts, This Flight Tonight, Rivers Edge, Slumbug, Poppycock, Super Narco Man, My Civilian, Napier Avalon Jones, Wu Kong The Monkey King and Shady Brain Farm. …. Kaleidoscope 32 featured …. Vorn, Gold Medal Famous, Shrimpwitch, Dusty Springclean & the Pops, Fraudband, Mandek Penha, Rough Church, Mucus Kids, Mia Schoen and The Curse.

All these fine releases are available from the Powertool website or from our Bandcamp site….. except the Kaleidoscopes. They only place you can get those from is directly from Powertool via the website, Alien Shop or UFO


Andrew Maitai