An Epic King Missile IV prize pack to be won in Dunedin

We’re most pleased to announce that we have a rather EPIC prize pack to give away to one lucky person who buys themselves a pre-sale ticket to King Missile IV, LoveyDove, Dan West and A. J. Sharma before the show at Chick’s Hotel on Thursday February 19th.

Epic Pale Ale 4 Pack - SideBuy a ticket and you could win:
A brand new King Missile IV t-shirt
A copy each of the unreleased new King Missile IV and LoveyDove CDs
Dan West “Does It Suit You?” CD
Psychic Maps ‘”1st (Second) Lo-Fi Record” CD
Vorn “More Songs About Girls and the Apocalypse” CD
A.J. Sharma “You Are a Traveler” CD
Dance Asthmatics “Liquid Lunch” cassette single
AND a 4-pack of super tasty Epic Pale Ale
Basically, you’re winning music from every band on the tour.
***How to win: Buy a ticket before 3pm Thursday February 19th and then email Renee: with your name and ticket number.
KM tshirt***We’re extending this prize offer to the good people who’ve already bought tickets: again, email: with your name and ticket number.
***We’ll email the winner on the day and announce the winner on the Dunedin Facebook event page.

***Get tickets here:
Thursday 19th February – Chick’s Hotel, Dunedin – King Missile IV plus LoveyDove, Dan West and A.J.Sharma


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