Indie Club


Indie Club December 13

Indie Club December 13

Indie Club is a weekly showcase that promotes independent music – both live and recorded – and has been operating in and around Auckland for the best part of a decade. During that time we have had hundreds of bands, duos and solo artists perform. Previous lineups have included the Neo-Kalashnikovs, Yolanda, Used to be Apes, Gold Medal Famous, Lion Eyes, the Brood, This Flight Tonight, Edwina Thorne, Nick Raven, the Come Down Kid, Kara Gordon Band, Fats White and the John Goudge Band, just to name a handful.

It is a night of networking, making contacts and new friends. Indie Club is ideal for new bands just starting out, as well as established acts wishing to widen their audience.

If you would like to book a place in our weekly lineups, please email Andrew Maitai:

And if you live out that way, it’ll be a fun place for you to go to shows without having to drive into town!

The very fist billing of the new season featured The Favoured Few, the DeLoreans, DJ Raphson and Used To Be Apes on Thursday November 29.



3 thoughts on “Indie Club

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  2. I’ve linked myself to your page after reading about you on Rockshop classifieds. My name is Kerryn, westie local and a Singer/Songwriter. I’m more of an afternoon type of gal in my songwriting style, but covers are a different story 🙂 Please check me out on and like me too on fb under kerrynband. Since you also need a few more likes I’ll pimp your page too! Got you covered on twitter too…where of course I also reside

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